Nioxin kit system 3


When you color your hair, it can often start to thin out faster than natural hair. You also need to rely on products that are designed specifically for those with colored and treated hair. This Nioxin Kit System 3 is going to be exactly that. You’ll get a shampoo to cleanse your hair from root to tip and enjoy stronger hair. The conditioner is going to clear our your follicles and improve the texture of your hair to make it look and feel thicker. The Scalp Treatment will finish by protecting and strengthening the hair follicles to promote new hair growth for a thicker head.

  • Designed for lightly thinning colored hair
  • Strengthens hair against breakage and thickens it texture for cosmetic purposes
  • Comes in a 3-piece full care kit
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10.1 fl oz. + 5.07 fl oz. + 3.38oz


300ml, 150ml, 100ml


Hair Types

For coloured hair with light thinning


Improves the appearance of thinning hair and creates an environment for fuller, healthier looking hair.Reduces breakage and associated hairloss.

How to use

Apply shampoo to wet hair, massaging gently into scalp and hair for one minute then rinse out. After cleansing, distribute conditioner onto scalp and throughout the hair. Apply treatment directly to entire scalp. And gently massage scalp


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