Naturaltech Energizing Shampoo

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Did you know that this energizing shampoo can make your hair stronger? Sure, it cleanses and helps keep your hair looking its best, but it’s also going to protect and strengthen both thinning and breakage-free hair. When you are struggling to help keep your hair protected, relying on the right natural-based shampoo — like this one — is the key component to transforming your hair care routine for the better. Strengthen your hair with this light went cleanser, and you’ll be able to see the difference it makes to your hair’s health both short- and long-term.

• Designed for thinning or weak hair
• Free from parabens and sulfates
• Comes in 250 ml bottle

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8.45 fl.oz




Hair Types

For treating thinning and breakage-prone hair


Helps stimulate new hair growth. Reinforces weak hair to prevent breakage.

How to use

Gently massage into damp hair and allow to process for a few minutes. Rinse thoroughly, and follow with Energizing treatments.


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More info

parabens and sulfates free

8 reviews for Naturaltech Energizing Shampoo

  1. Meghan Charlton (verified owner)

    i have only used it once but i enjoyed how it made my hair feel. it cleaned it, left it super soft and silky and i can’t wait to see the results. i am not a huge fan of the tea tree like scent but i love the shampoo!

  2. Emilie de Montbrun (verified owner)

    I love Davines products, I use oi oil, love shampoo and conditioner. I was told about this product as I’ve been losing a lot of hair and wanted to give it a try. I love the scent and the price point t was amazing as wel as the shipping was very quick! Great all around!

  3. soojim cho (verified owner)

    I love this shampoo! First time using it and made my scalp and hair feels fresh and great! Just very small amout make good amount of foam enough to wash ! Definitely use it and buy it again

  4. Yerzat Marat (verified owner)

    I love Davines products, I have been using them for over 2 years. I like this shampoo, especially since right now I’m losing lots of hair. It doesn’t stop the hair loss, but it cleanses the scalp and prepares it well before applying energizing serum. Overall love it and recommend it!

  5. Cheryl DeVries (verified owner)

    I have long hair and I don’t need to use a lot to get a good lather. Love the way it smells and the tingle on my scalp! Will definitely be buying this again!

  6. Jessie Liu (verified owner)

    Nice Shampoo. Loved it.

  7. Vanessa Montoya (verified owner)

    The entrance aroma is delicious, super fresh, it leaves the hair totally clean, my mother has been using it for a couple of months and it has worked very well, she has grown new hair, it really works.

  8. martyne-elyse verdon (verified owner)

    I like the smell and feel on my scalp but didn’t really notice a difference in the texture on my hair.

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