Naturaltech Calming Superactive


When you need to get rid of scalp discomfort and itchiness, this soothing serum is going to be the best option on the market. A gentle spritz that can be applied to those sensitive itching areas directly, this massage-in product is going to give you relief when and where you need it. A leave-in product for ultimate convenience, this will offer you the comfort of natural ingredients with a difference that you can truly feel. Designed specifically for those with itchy and sensitive scalps, this will offer you effective soothing relief.

• Designed for those with a sensitive scalp
• Free from parabens
• Comes in 100 ml bottle

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3.38 fl.oz




Hair Types

for sensitive scalp


Immediate relief and invigorated, full and soothed scalp.

How to use

Apply to sensitised or itching areas. Massage in until completely absorbed. Do not rinse off. It can be used also after an anti-dandruff treatment


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parabens free


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