Hair products are incredible, but they only last so long. If you want to get a little extra life out of them — and more bang for your buck — this Mystify Restyling Spray is precisely the product for. Light, residue-free, and natural-based, this hydrating spray will re-energize and refresh yesterday’s hair products and help you restyle your hair without the need for more product use. You’ll get extra life and enjoyment out of the same amount of product, and you’ll really be able to see just how effective the right styling aids can be, too. Perfect for those that like the high-end hair care products, this is the healthy alternative to overdoing your product use.

  • Designed for all hair types
  • Gentle residue-free spray for product reactivation
  • Comes in a 175 ml spray can
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5.9 fl.oz


Hair Types


Offers light styling hold to reactivate product already in the hair.

How to use

Shake and mist on next day hair. Heat style or air dry to redefine your style.


Product Type

Extra Info on Product

Formulated without parabens or sodium chloride, Color and keratin treatment safe, UV protection for hair,


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