Hair Touch Up Warm Brown


You owe it to your stylist as well as las yourself to protect your carefully chosen hair color for as long as possible. Trust this Hair Touch Up Warm Brown Spray to offer up a fun way to wipe away those greys and still help you to enjoy the warm hues you’ve so carefully put into your style. Designed specifically for warm brown hair, this lasts one shampoo and is great for catching that missed spot during a root touch-up as well as new styles that may expose a few wayward greys that are making their way to the forefront.

  • Designed for all hair types
  • Offers warmth to brown hair
  • Residue-free root concealing spray
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2.0 oz


Hair Types


Natural results with Instant Coverage.

How to use

Shake well, hold precision applicator 4-6 inches away, and spray onto grey hair.

Extra Product Info

Lasts 1 shampoo


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