Nioxin is at it again with Diamax. This treatment is going to be as intense as you want and even more effective than you thought possible. This is going to prevent your thinning hair from falling out, and it’s going to use natural products such as caffeine to give you hair a jolt — see what we did there — in its thickness. This will literally add diameter to each strand of your hair with regular use and give you the thickness that you didn’t know you had in you.

  • Designed for thinning hair
  • Helps give extra definitions and diameter to every single strand of hair
  • Comes in a 100 ml pump bottle
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3.4 fl oz




Hair Types

For thinning hair


Increase the diameter of each hair strand.

How to use

Divide the hair into 6 vertical sections.Spray once on each section, avoiding the scalp. Spread using a comb, do not rinse


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Parabens free formula


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