Oribe – Hair Products with a Focus on Texture

Oribe – Hair Products with a Focus on Texture

Healthy hair not only looks good but should feels amazing: soft, healthy and smooth. We often forget that critical factor when deciding on hair products. But not Oribe. Oribe believes deeply in hair that feels good, looks even better.

From their site:

At the outset, Oribe Canales felt strongly that his products should push the boundaries of performance. He wanted stylists and consumers to not just see — but feel — the difference. The founders worked with innovation labs and specialty collaborators around the world to create custom formulations that truly surpassed anything in the marketplace.

To the Oribe user, the texture of your is everything.

Their loyal customers have come to expect hair sprays that don’t flake, for example. That’s why one of Oribe’s big sellers is their Superfine Hair Spray.


Oribe’s Superfine Hair Spray is perfect for customers who want a lighter hair spray that actually holds. Oribe designed Superfine to bring new technology to old-style glamour, resulting in flexible, brushable, shiny-soft control.

In a similar vein, Oribe’s Featherbalm Weightless Styler is perfect for those who want their hair to feel as product-free as possible–all the while retaining hold of course. This product is ideal for fine hair (since those with fine hair can get weighed down by the wrong products).


Oribe’s formulations are clean and modern — formulated without parabens and sodium chloride, which can damage the hair as well as our health. All of their products are gluten-free, cruelty-free, color and keratin treatment safe and have UV protection for hair.

Oribe is a best-selling, award-winning brand that has sparked deep connections with its consumers. Most Oribe consumers use it and nothing else, for decade upon decade, signifying a company deeply in touch with its customer base and their ongoing hair needs.


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