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Yon-ka Skincare for Grown-up Skin

Remember back in the old days, when we fell asleep with make-up on and only worried about the occasional zit? We didn’t fret over cleansers and moisturizers. We used whatever we grabbed at the drugstore and carried on with your wild and youthful ways.

But alas, as we age, skincare becomes more…serious. The wrong cleansers can dry out your skin and oily moisturizers can clog pores. Facials are less an occasional extravagance but something we need in order to maintain our youthful look.

Yon-ka Skincare – Natural Products with Science Behind It

Paris-based Yon-ka gets the needs of your skin on a cellular level, providing skincare products that are truly revolutionary.

Who is Yon-ka and why do their skincare products matter?

According to their site:

Yon-Ka Paris is a French, Phyto-aromatic brand.

We look to nature and two complimentary plant specialties to treat, heal, and restore the skin = Phyto + Aroma

The brand name itself suggests harmony and the quest for constant rejuvenation, and is a fusion of two complimentary words:

Yon – represents energy, perpetual renewal

Ka – the subtle healing energy inherent in every being, part of eternity

Now, there are a LOT of natural skincare products out there these days. But Yon-ka puts them all to shame. The company was founded by true naturalists who sought to discover the synergy between botanical components for the most effective results. So no, this is not a little jojoba oil thrown into your moisturizer!

Yon-Ka was created in 1954 by the Mühlethaler family who had a passion for botany. Pioneers in aromatherapy and phytotherapy, Cécile, Ernest and Charles Mühlethaler established the Multaler laboratories in 1954, with a rich collection of knowledge which they shared only with a few scientists, chemists, and physicians. [Source.]

One happy Yon-ka reviewer has this to say:

Like having a spa day!

I truly love how Yon-Ka Cleansing Gel feels when I wash my face. It not only makes my face feel clean but it makes me feel as if I am having a spa day and the smell is wonderful! My skin looks great and I would recommend it to everyone!

The best part? You don’t have to travel to Paris to get this seriously green-friendly skincare. Check out our online shop and have Yon-ka conveniently delivered right to your door.






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