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It’s easy to overlook the lowly hairdryer. Like any other appliance, you don’t really care about it unless it breaks. But guess what? A good hairdryer does matter. Sure, hairdryers are used to dry and style your hair…but they also serve to protect your hair while doing so.

Using old hairdryers puts your hair at risk. Older hair dryers can actually “slow burn” your hair and hasten dead ends and crispy strands. Those searching for the perfect conditioner are often better served simply replacing their blow dryer instead of the latest hair product.

What to Look for When Buying a New Hair Dryer


Wattage counts…but not much. You may have noticed that stylists at hair salons use powerful blow dryers. And for good reason. A hairdryer with a higher wattage dries hair more effectively and quickly and also gives you a strong, powerful blast of heat for quick styling. But if you’re hair is thin, you may not want a higher wattage. Most pro models have 1875 watts of power, minimum. 2000 watts is also available.

Size matters. Is your hair dryer destined to live permanently in your bathroom? Then (as long as you have the space) a larger hair dryer offers more benefits and covers more territory on your head than a small hair dryer. But if you plan on traveling with your dryer, then a small to mid-sized, foldable hair dryer might be a better choice.

Ionic or not? Most contemporary hair dryers have ionic features now. The negative ions they create not only reduces drying time but helps control frizz. (For even greater frizz control, you may consider getting a tourmaline hair dryer.) Do ionic hair dryers protect your hair? Well, the jury is still out. But it reduces hair drying time which means less time for damaging effects.

Heat and fan settings. Standard hair dryers usually have a separate fan and heat settings. This allows you to have, let’s say “low fan” and “high heat.” Smaller models don’t aways offer these settings so that’s a factor to consider: what settings matter to my type of hair?

There are many factors when it comes to hair dryers, more than mentioned here. So take your time and do your research. Your hair dryer is going to hang around your household for a long time afterall!



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