Which moisturizing mask should I choose for my skin?


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Dry skin is a real problem that affects many people of all ages and sexes and is more common than it seems. A dry skin can suffer many consequences: roughness, cracks, itching, flaking … The causes are also diverse: ranging from weather conditions, to certain habits.

The truth is that, whatever the cause, fortunately there are many products that help moisturize the skin and can fight or prevent dryness. One of the coolest and most effective options is skin masks. Even so, not all skins are the same, however, fortunately there are also alternatives that focus on these differences.

Are you interested in learning more about it? Then stay with us, on behalf of Deauville Shop, experts in personal care and beauty products, we want to tell you which moisturizing mask should you choose for your skin, we will present you some excellent options. Keep reading carefully!

Sensitive Masque by Yonka

Do you have very sensitive skin? Have you used a product and your skin has become irritated, reddened or otherwise affected? Well, this moisturizing mask is the right one for  you. Because of its herbal composition (arnica, chamomile, horse chestnut and some oils), your skin will look more than favored and hydrated immediately.

The Sensitive Masque helps reduce the signs of sensitivity and irritation effectively, providing incredible softness and comfort. As its name suggests, it is specially designed for sensitive skin. Thanks to another of its components, the exclusive Quintessence Yon-Ka, your skin will be reinforced and look velvety and radiant.

How do I apply Yonka’s Sensitive Masque?

The best way to apply this moisturizing mask is after cleaning the skin. You should apply a thick layer of the mask in a localized way or all over the face and let it rest for about ten minutes. After this, you can remove it and if you wish, apply your usual cream.

It is recommended to repeat the application of the Sensitive Masque about two or three times a week. Another great feature of this product is that it can also be used as a mask or night cream. In this case, a thin layer will be enough. The hydration of your skin will be guaranteed.

La Defense Detox Masque by Luzern

Are you uncomfortable with your skin drying out easily and many products are not effective? La Defense Detox Masque is ideal for all skin types (even sensitive or acne-prone skin). It is a reinforced and more intense version of the wonderful Force De Vie Créme Luxe.

This moisturizing mask will also help you cleanse your skin and remove any remaining chemicals, cosmetics, environmental pollution and clogged pores you may have retained (hence the “detox” in its name) – your skin will thank you, it will feel better than ever!

The main components of this fabulous moisturizing mask with a creamy texture are, among others: the exclusive Co-Enzyme Q10, alpha-lipoic acid (powerful antioxidants) and vitamins C and E. With the help of these ingredients, your skin will be highly moisturized, completely protected, fresh and look much firmer and radiant.

How to apply Luzern’s Defense Detox Mask?

The application of the wonderful La Defense Detox Masque is very simple: on the clean skin you must place a moderate layer and leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes. Then you should remove it and apply a cream of your choice. You can apply the mask during the day or at night.

Guarana Scrub by Yonka

This is a triple action mask, since, in addition to moisturizing the skin, it exfoliates and detoxifies it. Guarana Scrub can fulfill these functions due to its composition of natural origin.

The mask is composed of microspheres of guarana granules and organic brown rice (exfoliant), vegetable glycerin (moisturizing), cornflower, calendula, chamomile, matricaria (softening and calming), and some natural oils (geranium, lavender and rosemary), with phytoaromatic and invigorating effects.

Guarana Scrub deeply cleanses, moisturizes, smoothes and strengthens your skin. After applying it, your skin will be fresh, silky and radiant, and you will notice how it breathes again!

How to apply Yonka’s Guarana Scrub?

The ideal application of this moisturizing mask should be with gentle circular movements on clean moistened skin (preferably on the neck and face, avoiding contact with the mouth and eyes). Leave on for about ten minutes and remove with water. You must let it dry without rubbing. Your skin will be very moisturized and impeccable.

A very useful tip: you can use the Guarana Scrub when you shower, following the same process described above. We recommend using this product about two or three times a week.

Nuit Hydra Enzyme Masque by Luzern

Let’s talk about a great nighttime moisturizing mask: the Nuit Hydra Enzyme Masque. It is suitable for all skin types and is excellent for moisturizing, and will help your skin look younger. Apply it at night and you will wake up with a radiant, refined and fully moisturized complexion!

The Nuit Hydra Enzyme Masque works by gently exfoliating and lightening the appearance of the skin, smoothing and refining the appearance of the surface texture and giving a wonderful feeling of suppleness and moisture.

The main components of this mask are Vitamin C, organic Swiss alpine extracts, organic licorice extract, organic honey extract (helps promote a more even tone), biofermentation pumpkin enzyme, sweet almond oil, squalane and hyaluronic acid (moisturizers). Don’t hesitate to use it, your skin will look fabulous!

How to apply the Luzern’s Nuit Hydra Enzyme Masque?

Clean your skin and then, with the Luzern application brush (included in the purchase of the mask), place a thin layer of the moisturizing mask on your face with upward movements. You should leave the mask on all night, go to sleep with confidence (although if you wish, you can remove the mask after 10 or 20 minutes).

To remove the mask, rinse your skin with warm water and pat it dry. We recommend applying the Nuit Hydra Enzyme Masque two or three times a week for optimal results.

Gommage 305 by Yonka

Another incredible moisturizing mask is the Gommage 305. Like the first one, this one is ideal for very sensitive skin. It is a gel type mask that does not contain abrasive granules of any kind, but it also guarantees excellent hydration.

The Gommage 305 is a multi-action mask: it smoothes, clarifies, moisturizes and balances the skin. After using it, you will notice that your skin looks more radiant and luminous. These benefits of the mask are due to its composition, we will tell you more about it below.

The main ingredients of Gommage 305 are: carob and a derivative of parta alga (smoothing and exfoliating), lime oil, white nettle (soothing, purifying and clarifying) and last but not least, vegetable glycerin (which provides constant and lasting hydration).

How to apply Yonka’s Gommage 305?

It is recommended to use this moisturizing mask during the night, although it is not exclusively a night mask. Ideally, apply a thick layer to the face after a previous cleaning and leave it on for two or three minutes, until it hardens. Now you must remove it.

To remove the mask, your fingers will be enough, then you can clean with some cotton or wet towel. It is recommended to apply some lotion (like Yonka Lotion) after removing the  mask. We recommend using the Gommage 305 from one to three times a week. Your skin will be more hydrated than ever and very shiny.

As you may have read, here are five excellent alternatives to moisturize your skin. We hope that we have cleared up your possible doubts regarding products for dry skin and that you know which moisturizing mask to choose for your skin. If you have been interested in any of them, do not hesitate to visit our online store right now.

If you have more questions, you can also contact us or follow us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. We are Deauville Shop, experts in everything related to personal care and beauty products for men and women (in our store you will find a lot of products for skin care, hair and much more items).

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