What shade of lipstick goes with my skin color?


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The world of makeup is infinite and there are a variety of shades of lipsticks that, when you want to buy, you don’t know which one to choose. Although you can have this variety of colors at your disposal, it is often necessary to choose the right one.

Just as you read it, makeup should be chosen in the right way, as long as you have informed yourself very well and the information is totally valid. In order for all information to be valid, you must make sure that each of the recommendations are given by a professional.

In this way, it will ensure and allow you to make the right choice and that your makeup can be adapted to your facial features. This is essential since there is a diversity of people and each one is distinguished by different features that make them unique.

Otherwise, we would be at risk of our makeup not looking good on us and of buying products that do not really suit our face and body, causing results that we did not want to obtain.

This way you can avoid that your makeup looks bad and does not go with you or your personality, because it would be useless if you can make up in a spectacular way but you do not know how to choose the right makeup that makes you look really what you are.

That’s why Deauville Shop cares about you and in this article, we are going to inform you about one of the many important things when choosing your own makeup and that you should take into account from today, to ensure that what you have in your hands is really what you need.

So, we’ll talk to you today about what shade of lipstick goes with your skin color and which product is right for you.

The right lipstick for you.


In order to inform you about the ideal lipstick shade for your skin color, we first want to make a recommendation of one of the best quality products capable of giving a perfect shade on your lips and a glow on your skin.

Because, in order to choose a good shade of lipstick, you must first choose a good product for your lips, since our face is one of the most delicate parts of our body and can be easily damaged if we apply products that are not good and that only cause severe damage.

Many times, you may think that you have bought lipsticks without realizing it and nothing has happened to you, let us tell you that you have been very lucky, but for the moment, but as time goes by, the consequences will continue to be evident and in the long term can cause stains, scars and if you are not as lucky as you think, you can cause many dermatological diseases that can damage you more than you think.

For this reason, Deauville Shop recommends a series of lipsticks that can fulfill all those ideal characteristics for you and your lips, in addition to guaranteeing you that they are products of very good quality that will be worth having in our cosmetic kit and that will be one of the permanent products in our daily life.

We are talking about Fitglow Beauty lipsticks, which is a very recognized and prestigious brand, certified for the development of products for skin care and makeup through the process of creating products that can create what you want in a perfect way.

In this way, Fitglow Beauty, through its lipsticks made with quality products, can assure you that none of them can cause any kind of affections and that the lipsticks can take care of our lips without causing dryness or color change, complying with the essential characteristics.

They have a wide range of shades and a variety of different campaigns but they meet what you need. These are the following:


But which lipstick shade is right for my skin color? We’ll make sure you choose the right one to look great and beautiful wherever you go.

Light skin


For light skin tones, it is necessary that you always choose cool shades, this will allow you to highlight more of your features and your skin tone in a spectacular way. The cooler shades are colors like light pinks, and this allows your lips to blend in with the overall makeup in the right way.

If you want red colors, they should be those lipsticks that have orange highlights, this way there will not be an imbalance in your makeup and your lips will not be the only ones stealing the attention.

In the same way, cool pink colors are ideal for light skins that will make your lips look sweet, eye-catching and the most spectacular thing you can see on your face.

These Fitglow Beauty lipstick shades are as follows:


Light skin

Medium skin

If your skin is medium skin (neither light nor dark) it is important to choose medium warm lipsticks, these make the features stand out more because of the skin color, this also adapts to tanned people.

And if you want to highlight tanned skin, you can use intense red tones like the color of a strawberry, this way you will allow your lips to show their shape and not look dull.

Medium warm pink lipsticks are very flattering on you, this allows your skin and lips to play an important role giving luminosity and will make you look great.

The shades you can choose from in Fitglow Beauty lipsticks are as follows:


Medium skin

Dark skin

In the case of dark skins, you can choose shades between purple and brown that allow you to highlight your lips and that these do not look dull with shades that are not right for you. That is why it is important that you know yourself and your main features to choose the right makeup.

You can also choose warm red lipsticks that are similar to your skin tone, this way you will avoid hiding them and they can look good and highlight your lips in a beautiful and perfect way.

Pink colors also look good on dark skin tones, it is a myth that this does not look good. That’s why you should choose the right lipstick, plus pink colors with intensity are the ones that suit your lips very well.

This will allow your features to be more visible and highlight them in an ideal way on your face, making you look beautiful and unique.

The shades for this skin type are as follows:


Dark skin

Wherecan I find Fitglow Beauty lipsticks?Deauville Shop offers its store so you can purchase these and many other beauty products that can make you look perfect and ideal, just as you wish.

We are a store that is characterized by seeking the welfare of our customers and that they can leave our store with the product they wanted and very satisfied with everything that our beauty store can offer them.

In this way, we can offer you the best quality products, guaranteeing that any type of application will only cause satisfactory effects with very good results on your skin, your face and your hair.

In Deauville Shop we want to take care of you and there is no better way to do it than being able to inform you of all those products that can greatly benefit your life and that can make you look spectacular.

Visit our virtual platform: https://deauvilleshop.com/

It will be a pleasure to assist you and advise you on whatever you need.

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