Top 5 most recommended hair dryers: ranking 2021


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The care we give to our hair is essential to maintain an excellent appearance. Depending on the treatments and routines we use, so will be the shine and health it will maintain.

In 2021, a variety of tools have emerged for the care and maintenance of our hair. However, in the field of hairdryers, little has been deepened, although, this year, alternatives that allow professional salon-like finishes are emerging.

For this reason, Deauville Shop presents the 5 most recommended hair dryers for 2021. This ranking was determined by expert stylists and hair health professionals, so you can be sure of the quality of the products we will show you.

Without a doubt, hair dryers are a must for today’s beauty routines. Therefore, in this article we bring, exclusively for you, an essential list for you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

That said, pay attention and join us on our exciting adventure!

Ranking 2021 of the best 5 hair dryers

Ranking 2021 of the best 5 hair dryers

As we know, the hair dryer is an electromechanical device, whose main function is to expel hot and/or cold air on wet and/or damp hair. Below, we will detail the 5 best ones for this 2021.

1. Air dryer

1. Air dryer

Undoubtedly, we cannot fail to talk about the hair dryer traditionally known as air. This novelty, brought by the prestigious brand GHD, has an AC mechanism, i.e., alternating current.

This means that the dryer will have more power when emitting air, greater flow and a more optimal service life compared to dryers with a DC motor. In addition, professional dryers are equipped with AC motors. This means you get much more quality in the palm of your hand.

It also has ionic technology, strategically placed temperature controls and a regulator that allows you to adapt the drying to any type of hair. There’ s also a “Cool Shot” button that helps to lock your style in place with a blast of cool air.

Finally, the ergonomic design of this hair dryer allows for a perfect grip, whether you are right or left-handed. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at the amazing price of $249.00.

2. Elchim Classic 2001 Dryer

2. Elchim Classic 2001 Dryer

Another alternative we have for this year is Elchim Classic 2001, which is made with the finest Italian engineering. This design allows for an ideal balance of heat, airflow and pressure, which helps you achieve impeccable styling.

Like the previous dryer, this version of Elchim has a high-end AC motor. Such a feature also makes for a long-lasting design, due to its aerodynamic removable diffuser that allows for drying from the root.

With this dryer, the elegance of your hair will be an everyday thing. Also, its style and bright red color will look great on your dressing table. If you’re interested, you can find it for a low price of $149.00.

3. Smart Styling Infrared Hair Dryer

3. Smart Styling Infrared Hair Dryer

This hair dryer works by infrared, which allows a better optimization of the energy and minimizes the thermal exposure on the scalp. That effect will make the results on your hair superior to those obtained with conventional hair dryers.

It doesn’t matter if your hair is straight, wavy or curly, fine, medium or even thick. For any type of hair, the Smart Styling Infrared will be completely unstoppable.

But why? Because thanks to the infrared rays that gently heat the strands, thermal exposure is reduced and a certain degree of humidity is preserved. In addition, it has a ceramic core for precision styling and shorter drying times.

In other words, thanks to these features, you can count on soft, manageable hair without worrying about hair damage or deterioration. If you are interested, you will find it at only $210.00.

4. Power Performance Ionic Hair Dryer

4. Power Performance Ionic Hair Dryer

The Power Performance Ionic, by Moroccanoil, is a hair dryer made in Italy, with an ultra-fast AC motor. In addition, it features cutting-edge ionic technology, which will provide professional, smooth hairstyles in the shortest possible time.

Thanks to the ionic technology mentioned above, this dryer retains moisture more easily and greatly reduces static in the hair. Likewise, the AC motor allows you to reduce drying time and get unbeatable results while enhancing natural shine.

It also has an easy-grip handle that is quiet and suitable for any type of styling. And if that’s not enough, the heat can be adjusted in up to 3 levels.

In addition, it has a “Cool Shot” button to customize your hair and air dispersion nozzles for a better finish. If you’re interested, you can find it for a low price of $340.00.

5. Olivia Garden Hair Dryer

5. Olivia Garden Hair Dryer

Finally, we want to tell you about the hair dryer presented by the renowned brand Olivia Garden. We are talking, of course, about the Olivia Garden Hair Dryer, whose ionic technology allows you to fix the moisture in your hair and, in addition, prevents the frizz that arises with conventional dryers.

With its exclusive ceramic technology, you will be able to achieve wonderful hairstyles while taking care of your scalp. And thanks to the two interchangeable nozzles, triple heat setting and the necessary cool button, your hair will look like it just came out of the salon.

Such ionic technology combined with the virtues of ceramic will prevent the heat from damaging your hair fiber while achieving impressive effects. So, if you are interested, you can find it at the low price of $200.00.

Deauville Shop, home of the best dryers in 2021

Now that we know the 5 most recommended hair dryers for this 2021, what are you waiting for to visit us? In Deauville Shop we are experts in beauty products of the highest range and, therefore, we ensure that you get the right products for your personal care.

In our extensive catalog you will find the most important trends for this 2021. Quality will never be missing in your life and your hair will be grateful for the care you give it.

That said, you can find us at 4048 Rue Jean-Talon O, Montreal, QC H4P 1V5. We have a huge number of products available and we also have high biosecurity protocols in place, so you can rest assured that you will enjoy your purchase.

If you cannot visit us, we also offer home delivery service. Contact us at +1 514-735-4432 or order from our official website. At Deauville Shop, it will be a pleasure to serve you.

If you want to know all our products, click on the following image.

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