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Appearances are important, as much as you care about how your face looks, so you should also take care about your hair’s health and appearance.

In a chaotic life and filled with responsibilities, the lack of attention to our hair has become recurrent, and that applies to both men and women. Hair care is a task that requires dedication and a unique kind of commitment.

However, to start worrying about your mane without knowing how to take care of your hair is a meaningless waste of time. For that reason, we at Deauvilleshop have prepared the following list of the top 10 hair care tips to get the most out of your hair.

Are you ready?

10 hair care tips

Hair care tips are only as important as you think they are, and it’s up to you if you really want to keep a beautiful hair.

The truth speaks for itself: hair care is just one more sign of hygiene and health. Do you want to show off a healthy hair? Read our 10 tips for hair care and you’ll find out how to do it.

#1: Pre-hair care tips

Every story has a beginning, and in this story, it all starts with a good brushing

The health of your hair starts with the simple things: brush it before wash it. A common practice to take care of your hair is to brush it at night before going to sleep, or brush it in the morning when you wake up, but did you know that brushing it before washing it is also important?

When you brush your hair before washing it, you will prevent it from tangling once is wet. This way, the creation of knots will be null, and the use of shampoo, conditioners or other products you usually use will be well distributed throughout the scalp. In addition, wet hair is the representation of its most fragile state, so it can suffer breakage and splitting.

Now, you know what to do next: brush your hair before washing it.

#2: Washing your hair is essential, but not that much

Naturally, the scalp has protective techniques that keep your hair healthy. Such technique is an oily secretion that emanates from the scalp which purpose is to moisturize and protect the hair.

For this reason, it is not recommended to wash your hair every day, as shampooing and cleansing products remove the secretion, and in turn, eliminate the natural protection that the body generates.

However, you can consult our specialists to determine what type of hair cleansing products and treatments you can use. Every hair is unique, and each one requires specific care. Contact us and find out how to properly take care of your hair.

#3: Brush your hair whenever you can

#3: Brush your hair whenever you can

As we mentioned in the previous tip, brushing your hair is really important.

The layer of sebum that the scalp secretes is ideal for protecting the hair and moisturizing it from root to tip. How can you do this? By brushing your hair at least twice a day: once in the morning when you wake up and once at night when you go to sleep, as well as brushing it before washing.

In addition, you can perform a scalp massage to improve microcirculation.

#4: Use oils if you need to repair your hair

Oils offer greater and better results for hair repair than masks and conditioners. Although the latter two really do help, using oil to care for your hair and repair it surpasses the standards.

The application of moisturizing oils restores hair, repairs hair fibers, and prevents future breakage. The healthiest area of the hair is the area closest to the root, which is why the hair in the area furthest from the root (the tips) tends to dry out and break if not properly cared for.

Find the oil you need in our hair care products catalog.

#5: Be careful with water temperature

In the past, you’ve surely heard the different opinions about how cold or how hot the water should be when washing your hair.

The truth is that it doesn’t have to be too cold or too ho as long as the water is lukewarm. Now, if you are going to use shampoo to wash your hair, we recommend that you use water that is moderately warm that should feel warmer than cold. When using conditioner, use slightly cool water to remove it.

Using hot water on your hair will have negative effects such as scalp damage, dryness and dullness. On the other hand, cold water helps seal cuticles, gives shine, and adds silkiness.

Cold water can be left for last when the shampooing is complete. You will have beautiful hair from root to tip.

#6: Shampoo doesn’t need to be rubbed in

#6: Shampoo doesn't need to be rubbed in

Do you usually rub shampoo all over your hair until you’ve covered every bristle of hair? This is usually not as healthy as you hoped it would be.

In fact, if you excessively rub shampoo into your scalp, it can unbalance the sebaceous glands and strip away the oils your scalp naturally generates.

How can you wash your hair? Here are 3 steps to do it

Step N°1: Use shampoos that beneficiates the pH of your scalp

The first step is to choose the right shampoo to treat your hair. Try to buy products that are more pH-friendly to your hair, as they offer better results on an aesthetic and organic level. Take a look at our products, and choose the best shampoo to take care of your hair.

Step 2: Washing your hair

The hair washing process is extremely vital. Rub the hair with gentle movements, using your fingertips. If you press too hard, you will stimulate excessive sebum production, which can cause an imbalance in the sebaceous glands of the scalp.

Step 3: Remove with lukewarm water

Warm water helps to remove the product from the hair easily. If you use hot water, it can damage the follicle structure and the hair strand, as well as stimulate more oil production.

On the other hand, using cold water can help seal your cuticles and add shine to your hair after washing.

#7: Conditioner is necessary

As undefined as the proper use of conditioner may be, one thing is for sure: it’s vital that you use it at least twice a week.

Hair care must be disciplined, and your commitment to yourself must be absolute, otherwise…your hair will be damaged.

Conditioner is the product you use after shampooing your hair, but how often do you need to use it? We recommend at least twice a week, or every time you wash your hair.

A tip from us at Deauvilleshop: use it on damp hair, not wet, and try to apply it first on the ends, then on the roots. Always give gently massages, and then rinse off with plenty of slightly cool water.

#8: Don’t sleep with your hair in a bun

If you already do this, it’s time for you to stop.

Sleeping with your hair up is dangerous for its health. If you want beautiful, healthy looking hair, it’s best to sleep with your hair down.

Keeping your hair in a bun or hair arrangements during bedtime will weaken the strands, especially in the area where your hair is tied up.

#9: Don’t overdo beauty treatments on your hair

#9: Don't overdo beauty treatments on your hair

Moderate the times you use blow dryers and flat irons are good. Using them every day is detrimental for your hair fiber.

It’s understandable that we want to use these tools to make our hair look its best, but do you really want to expose the health of your hair just for the aesthetics?

If you are using a blow dryer, make sure it uses ion technology so it causes less damage. If you’re using flat irons, moderated temperatures will cause less damage to your hair, and if you apply serum before flat ironing, it will add a protective layer that will prevent heat damage.

Want to learn how to dry your hair properly without causing frizz? Discover the steps to achieve it in our dedicated article.

#10: Feed your body properly

As a last hair care tip, we could not miss the most important advice: nutrition.

Eating vegetables, fruits, fish, nuts, dairy and water will generate a beautiful hair from the inside out. After all, we are what we eat, aren’t we?

Whether you have straight hair, dry hair, or long hair, these hair care tips are ideal for bringing a healthy look, shine and silkiness to your hair strands. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. At Deauvilleshop, we are happy to help.

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