Top 10 advantages of using a moisturizing body cream


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The skin is a marvelous and exceptional organ: it gives us our sense of touch and protects our entire body – it is our largest organ! In short, the skin provides us with a lot of care, but how well do we take care of it? This is a great question to ask ourselves.

Since it is so important, it is not good to neglect the skin. On many occasions, it can suffer, from the slightest ailments (such as dryness) to others that are very serious and require mandatory medical attention.

Many times, when talking about skin care products, they tend to focus on the face or hands. But, as you may well know, skin is not only located on the face or upper extremities. It should always be remembered.

One of the most basic skin cares is moisturizing or hydration. At Deauville Shop, experts in personal care and beauty products, we are aware of this and that’s why we want to present you 10 advantages of using a moisturizing cream for the body. Do you want to know them? Let’s go there!

Why moisturize the body?

One of the most common skin problems is dehydration. Many people complain that their skin is very dry all the time. Habits such as good nutrition and adequate water intake can be the solution to this problem.

However, something that can easily offer a plus to skin hydration is a good body moisturizer cream. There are many to choose from and, to do this properly, we recommend you visit our skin care products section. You can find a wide variety of products and brands there.

Why moisturize the body?

And to answer the question that gives the title to this section, it is simple. As we said at the beginning of the article: it is an organ that always takes care of us, it is better to return the great favor.

Know these 10 advantages of using moisturizing creams for the body

As we’ve already said, and not to beat around the bush, let’s get right to it. We have compiled 10 benefits of using a body moisturizer cream and we want you to know about them. Let’s introduce them below!

In addition, we will recommend some specific body creams. This way, it will be clearer to you which products you can use. Click on their names to explore them, they are all available in our online store, let’s get to know them below!

1. Hydration and moisturizing

We’ve already said it and the name is quite clear: hydrating creams hydrates the skin. Depending on the type of cream, it can also provide moisturization. Moisturization consists in the creation of a kind of barrier that prevents the water present in the skin from evaporating quickly.

1. Hydration and moisturizing

Thanks to this, the skin of the body can enjoy full hydration. This leads to more benefits that you will learn more about in this list.

A recommendation, from Deauville shop, to moisturize your skin is Egyptian magic. It is a wonderful multi-purpose body cream inspired by ancient Egypt and its legendary beauty. Moisturizing and made from natural ingredients, it can be used on any part of the body!

2. Nourishment

Many moisturizer creams for the body may include certain components that promote skin nourishment. In this way, the skin may become more radiant and healthy looking. Some natural oils are great (such as argan oil or orange blossom oil), as they have many beneficial properties.

 2. Nourishment

We are back with our recommendations, in this case, we present you Coconut Body Butter, from the brand Lalicious. It is composed of natural ingredients: coconut, shea butter, safflower oil and aloe vera. It also provides vitamin E. Your skin will look great and will be hydrated from head to toe when you use this moisturizing body cream!

3. Cell regeneration

Thanks to certain components that may be contained in some moisturizer creams for the body (as mentioned oils), the regeneration of cells occurs optimally. What does this mean? That the skin will be free of pollutants such as dead cells, in addition to providing other benefits that we will mention below.

4. Improves appearance

A hydrated and healthy skin looks better, that’s undeniable. Puffiness, roughness, pimples, oiliness, blemishes and the famous dryness will not exist in a properly hydrated skin.

4. Improves appearance

5. Delays aging

Due to proper cell regeneration, skin aging is delayed. Wrinkles, flaccidity and marked expression lines will not be present either. Of course, good nutrition and other healthy daily habits must also be taken into account.

For this purpose, Deauville Shop recommends Force De Vie Pure Oxygen Creme Luxe, by Luzern. This is a cream that, in addition to moisturizing your skin, increases the absorption of cellular oxygen to increase the synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid. This process can lead to delayed aging.

6. Firming

This goes hand in hand with the previous point. A hydrated skin looks very vigorous and radiant, as well as firm. This is clearly a sign that the skin is healthy and cared for in the most optimal way. It is important not to stop paying attention in case of noticing improvements, as care should always be.

If you want to firm your skin, we highly recommend this fabulous kit from Luzern, its name is System O2 Infuse Firming Mask. The kit consists of two products: a cream and a serum. Both are responsible for providing deep hydration on a large scale and will repair damaged skin, providing firmness.

7. Resistance and elasticity

A hydrated and healthy skin will not suffer from irritation either. Many people, for no apparent reason, can suffer from burning, itching and even pain in certain areas of the skin. Using a moisturizer cream is a great solution to these problems, because that is what most of them are about: dry and dehydrated skin.

8. Improve protection against weather changes

Weather changes are something that tends to affect the skin quite a bit: each season has its specific factors and temperatures. The cold of winter or autumn does not compare to the warmth of sunny spring or summer. Moisturized skin will be less sensitive to these seasonal changes and will not be a problem.

8. Improve protection against weather changes

For long-term hydration, Deauville Shop recommends Moroccanoil’s Body Butter. It is a moisturizing body cream made from a masterful blend of natural oils: argan, mango, avocado, olive, pomegranate, among others. It leaves no residue and is ideal for year-round use, especially during the changing seasons.

9. Reduces acne

Acne is one of the most common problems people suffer from. Acne arises from an excessive production of the oil necessary for healthy skin, which leads to unwanted breakouts. This occurs when the skin is dry, in a failed attempt to moisturize it.

Therefore, if you suffer from acne, be mindful of your daily habits. Moisturize your skin, find your right moisturizer cream, it will surely thank you and acne will be nothing more than a problem of the past.

Another way to reduce acne is proper pore cleansing. This is where our next recommendation comes into play: Nuit Hydra Cleansing Emulsion, again, from the Luzern brand. This is a cream made from oils and other natural products (pine, coconut, castor, etc.).

It is ideal for cleansing the skin of any impurities: residues from cosmetics, the environment, and so on. It is versatile, since it works on all skin types and on any part of the body. We reiterate: acne will be a problem of the past when you use this fabulous moisturizing cream.

10. Provides softness

As expected, knowing that a moisturized skin will have all the above benefits, you will also get a lot of softness. This will even be noticeable to the naked eye, your skin will look beautiful, more radiant and healthier than ever. The sensation to the touch will be unmatched.

Por ello, la marca Lalicious vuelve a hacer una aparición para cerrar esta sección. En esta ocasión lo hace con Sugar Kiss Body Butter. Se trata de una crema corporal hidratante fabricada con esencias de vainilla, rosa y cítricos, que, junto a otros componentes (como el aloe vera, la manteca karité y el aceite de cártamo), dejará tu piel suave y tersa.

Therefore, the Lalicious brand makes another appearance to close this section. This time it does so with Sugar Kiss Body Butter. It is a moisturizing body cream made with vanilla, rose and citrus essences, which, together with other components (such as aloe vera, shea butter and safflower oil), will leave your skin soft and smooth.

Find wonderful skin care products at Deauville Shop!

You’ve almost reached the end of the article, that means you now know 10 advantages of using a body moisturizer cream. As we mentioned before, in the skin care products section of our website you can find a wide variety of creams and other wonderful products for all skin types.

Deauville Shop is the right place to buy excellent personal care and beauty products for men and women. Visit our online store and discover a wonderful catalog with a wide range of brands.

If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to contact us! Explore our blog for more guides and interesting tips like these. You can also look us up on our social networks (Facebook, Instagram or YouTube) for more great content.

Find wonderful skin care products at Deauville Shop!

Don’t forget that we have free shipping in Quebec for purchases of $50 (plus tax) and up and for the rest of Canada for purchases of $99 (plus tax) and up. Plus, on purchases over $150 in skin care products, you get a 10% discount.

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