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When I saw this YouTube video below, I was thrilled. A hip hair stylist was talking about my favorite shampoo brand: Kerastase.

My Kerastase Story – How One Hair Care Product Took Me from Flat to Fabulous

The Top Five Kerastase Shampoos - A Review of a Review

Would it be an exaggeration to say Kerastase changed my life? I don’t think so. I’ve spent a life plagued with fine, lifeless hair that tends to get staticky way too easily. I only looked good after I left my salon in Montreal (shout out to Salon Deauville!).

I figured I only looked good because a stylist did my hair. Left to my own devices, it would go back to its flat and lifeless state the next hair wash.

Then I realized something: I looked good because of the product my stylist used, not just her magical styling abilities. She confessed to her “secret.” Kerastase. She said Kerastase Densifique is a  highly specific haircare product. In my case, their hair thickening shampoo was a perfect fit.

I still remember using it for the first thing. It felt different than the shampoos of the past: rich, creamy, luxurious. It was a quite sensual experience! But what really made my day: after I dried it, it looked like thicker, richer hair. And get this: way less prone to static. Do you know how happy that makes me? Suddenly I was able to create styles that actually stayed in place for more than an hour.

I’ve suggested other types of shampoos to my friends. I even bought my friend a bottle of Kerastase for her birthday (I got her the Kerastase Nutritive since my friend deals with dry hair. She too was converted after one use.)

Anyway, I could say more but why? My time here is done. This video is a lot of fun and touches on all of their most popular products. He’s a real hoot.



Bain magistral

Bain Divalent

Bain extentioniste


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