The 5 best skin care products from Yonka


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Yonka is an internationally recognized brand exclusively in skin care treatments. Its line is based on plant extracts, fruit acids and vitamins that provide the skin with the most valuable of its benefits.

Yonka offers a wide range of skin care products with immediate results and best of all, they are suitable for any age.

This brand is characterized by being a complete and versatile line by offering products for the body, face and an exclusive line for men.

In this article we mention 5 great products of this brand that leaves the skin impeccable.

Skin care products

Yonka promotes regular and quality skin care. It has the support of essential oils, plant extracts and the combination of active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and polyphenols that help fight premature aging and any problem that your skin presents.

YONKA. Vital defense

It is a moisturizing cream that restores the softness of your skin and brings flexibility, luminosity and vitality to your face.

This product is formulated to fight aggressions by environmental factors that are responsible for oxidizing facial skin.

It offers incredible benefits that are perfect for protecting the skin, keeping it oxygenated and radiant.

It prevents visible signs of aging and moisturizes the skin, leaving it unified and smooth.

Among its ingredients we can find: moringa peptides, vegetable glycerin, sandalwood, barley, duce orange essential oils, tangerine, vitamins E, C and A.

YONKA. Creme 93

It is a delicate cream that balances with its benefits the skin of the face.

Creme 93 allows to matify the skin and at the same time protects it from environmental pollutants. Ideal for oily skin.

Its ingredients are: Essential oils of lavender, geranium, rosemary, cypress and thyme.

YONKA, code of excellence

It is a formula designed for mature skin that becomes fragile due to hormonal changes.

It helps you fight the signs of aging that are: Dryness, loss of firmness and luminosity.

It becomes one of the favorite products because of its immediate benefits. We know that mature skin needs specific care, which is why Excellence code creme is based on powerful active ingredients.

Its ingredients are Juncia yeast extract, silicon-amino acid complex and red algae extract. These active ingredients help maintain the skin’s firmness, protect the collagen fibers and restore its luminosity.

Without a doubt it is indispensable to include it in your skin care!

YONKA. Pure emulsion

It is the essential treatment of the “skin care” line. It is non-greasy, non-comedogenic and has a rapid absorption process. It is ideal for oily skin and skin with pimple imperfections.

This facial treatment helps to reduce the oily aspect of the skin, blurring impurities and minimizing pores for clearer and smoother skin.

This is achieved thanks to its concentrate of essential oils such as lavender, geranium, rosemary, cypress and thyme. These oils are purifying and revitalizing.

YONKA. Juvenile, purifying solution

It is another treatment for oily skin with tendency to acne. Its formula is purifying without being aggressive to the skin. Its essential oil based ingredients help to heal the skin and reduce its oily appearance.

If you have pimples on your skin, this treatment will help you reduce them, it becomes thinner and the skin has fewer imperfections.

Among its oils we can mention calendula oil and azulene.

Suitable for all ages!

Treat your skin professionally with alcohol-free, paraben-free products and you’ll have healthy skin with fewer skin blemishes.

Yonka is a professional cosmetic brand of French origin that will offer that alternative for the care of the skin without assaulting it and with visible and lasting results.

In each product of the Yonka skin care line you will find more than 130 plants that provide multiple benefits in facial and body treatments for women and men.

The products are not tested on animals and maintain a very rigorous letter of formulation because each treatment does not contain parabens, or aluminum salts or any component that damages your skin.

Discover the entire Yonka range at deauvilleshop.com and leave your skin in the hands of the experts.

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