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When it comes to your Big Day, you want all of your i’s dotted and t’s crossed. Nothing should be left to chance (other than that surprisingly tender kiss from your new hubby during the slow dance). It’s a stressful day after all, so the more you take care of ahead of time, the more you can relax and embrace the experience!

When you hire a hair stylist and make-up artist for your wedding, you co-create the perfect look for you, one that accentuates you best features and (simply put) feels like you.

2020 hair style trends are fun but they’re also accessible. Braids, hair bands and bows are easy-to-maintain throughout the day but also segue into the evening simply and easily.

Hair Bouquets, BIG Hair Bouquets. Go floral or go home! Flowers have always accentuated hair styles beautifully but 2020 encourages you to take even more of a chance by increasing the size of hair foliage, pushing the limits ever so slightly. Because really…can there be too many flowers?

Oversized, pearl (or other bejeweled) headbands. Headbands provide such an  innocent and fresh. look And guess what? Headbands also serve a practical purpose: holding a style in place while keeping hair off of your face. This year’s headbands are bigger and bolder than say, your mom’s headbands. Pearls are studding these accessories but expect other colorful gems to accentuate this classic look.

Puffy, feminine bows. Similar to headbands, bows add a playful, simple innocence to most bridal looks. And like the headband, they also secure a hairstyle (after a busy day, this means a lot). This years bows are also pearl-encrusted and/or made of soft silky or velvety material, for the ultimate in feminine.

Crown braids. Think medieval princess, riding off on her white steed. These classic braids are for those with longer hair (or hair extensions) and provide an almost regal yet deeply romantic look, framing the face in a very fetching way. And talk about staying put: when these crown braids are done correctly, they’re not budging until you’re ready to unleash your locks at the end of the evening.

Hopefully that gives you a bird’s eye view of the bridal hair trends this season. Critical to the bridal beauty equation? Finding a stylist and make-up artist who specializes in bridal hair and make-up. Also important: getting your hair in shape for the Big Day by using nutrient-rich shampoos and deep conditioners. The better the hair quality, the nicer the style!



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