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Sebastian has been on the “cutting” edge of beauty care for decades, trailblazing and creating cultural firsts:

  • Sebastian defined the dreadlock look.
  • Sebastian worked wet hair styles for the first time.
  • Sebastian created the crimper, which defined a look for a generation.
  • Sebastian’s Shaper became the world’s first any-which-way spray.
  • Sebastian’s Potion 9 created the canvas for limitless style.
  • Sebastian became an innovator in cellophanes, providing the user a new level of shine to hair.

One of the first “hair friendly” colors, Sebastian’s ammonia-free cellophane treatments alone have been a game changer for a while now. In place of permanent or semi-permanent colors, users can “gloss” their hair safely, adding a tint of color plus a layer of sheen that radiates health. Like tinted lip gloss for the hair, essentially.

Interestingly, glosses actually strengthen hair (unlike many other drying color treatments) and preserve a natural moisture balance to each strand. And cellophanes protect your strands from dangerous UV rays!

More on the History of Haircare Giant Sebastian:

Founded in the 1970s, Geri Cusenza and John Sebastian have spearheaded beauty products that have ignited the industry.

Their overriding motto, according to their website:


Sebastian was born from a vision of beauty without boundaries. We think outside the lines of our craft, and follow our artistic ambition to the edge, creating new possibilities for self-expression.

Known as groundbreakers in the beauty care industry, Sebastian is part renegade artist, part practical stylist.


Even their top-selling hair care products ring with a sense of poetic artistry, where one experiences the product via the creative name alone.

Sebastian’s Best Selling Haircare Products

drench conditioner

dark oil



microweb fiber

Remember the days when you had to visit an actual salon to get salon-level hair care products like Sebastian? Now there’s an online shop where you order Sebastian haircare products from the comfort of your own home. Deauville Shop has stacked its virtual shelves with the leading products from the best brands in hair care. And at a competitive price.


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