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While Oligo hair products enjoys global appeal, Montréal remains its home base and inspiration. Montréal is the style capital of Canada (many would say the world), with countless high-end designers, hair salons and beauty influencers thrive.

According to the Oligo Professionel website:

At the crossroads of European flair and North American drive, French sophistication and English directness, the esprit of Montréal can be felt in all our products.

Striving for near-constant innovation, Oligo continues to be a trailblazer when it comes to hair colour and haircare products. Nowhere is their innovation more obvious then when it comes to their Blacklight Shampoo.

Designed to tone and repair faded, dried out hair, this powerful, amino-acid packed shampoo by Oligo is also 100% vegan and irritant-free.

Warning: Make sure you purchase Oligo from a reputable source. Amazon is packed with reviews about knock-offs. So buyer beware!

Oligo Professional Blacklight Violet Conditioner is also a best-selling haircare product. While its very popular with blondes who want to tone down brassiness, women with gray hair are also appreciating its effects. According to one Amazon review:

This product was recommended by my stylist for my grey hair. After several uses, my hair is getting a lovely little lavender tent. I’d recommend this for anyone who has gray hair and wants to tone down the yellow.

Blacklight Violet Conditioner is also vegan friendly and works to strengthen hair structure and repair damaged strand surface. 

One thing for sure: you can expect decades of experience and technology in every Oligo haircare product. Montreal proud and salon tested!

Looking for a reputable Oligo haircare provider (and not an Amazon scam artist)? Check out our online shop, based in Montreal. Or stop by Salon Deauville, where we carry a range of Oligo haircare products. We’re proud to carry the best of Montreal on our shelves!!

Montreal-based Oligo’s Top Selling Haircare Products

Dry texture Spray

Shine Drops

Recovery Masque

Express Blowout Mist

Moisture balance cleanser

Styling Crème

Nourishing Shampoo

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