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Our skin can be like the desert in need of a good “rain.” Especially our dry skin after a long summer or a long Montreal winter. That’s what Luzern Laboratories has created: a powerful hydration that pours into skin and brings it back to life.

Force De Vie Pure Oxygen Creme Luxe from Luzern Laboratories provides firmer, more radiant skin using only the best ingredients. (Would you expect any less from Luzern, known for its Swiss origins and purity of product?).

This anti-aging formula is one of their most popular skin creams with a massive, loyal following. And its for good reason:

People love the immediate effects of Luzern Force de Vie Creme Luxe


Good skin cream should have an instant impact on the skin. And that’s where the Force de Vie moisturizing products really excel. Users rave over the instant transformation their skin undergoes after application.

“This Luzern cream is what I imagined a moisturizer can be. It brings out a glow to my skin I never knew it had. ”


“Luzern’s Pure Oxygen Creme literally transforms my skin. And its chockful of amazing ingredients.”


What makes Luzern Force de Vie so amazing?


As mentioned, Luzern is known for its purity of product, using only the most exceptional, clean ingredients available.

Luzern Force de Vie is no exception. Key ingredients include:

  • Co-enzyme Q10: liposome-delivered for maximum effectiveness this vitamin-like, super antioxidant is found naturally in the mitochondria portion of cells and is essential for all cellular activity
  • Biodyne (Tissue Respiratory Factor): classified by the FDA as a wound-healing agent, and liposome-delivered for maximum effectiveness, this powerful active contains a mixture of beneficial peptides with the ability to promote the uptake of oxygen.
  • Alpha-Lipoic Acid: both water and fat-soluble this antioxidant is found naturally in cells as part of an enzyme system that helps energy production; it further activates other antioxidants, such as vitamin C, vitamin E, and Co-enzyme Q10.
  • Vitamin C + Vitamin E: provide synergistic antioxidant activity, vitamin C works even better in conjunction with vitamin E, which potentiates the action of vitamin C as much as four-fold.
  • Bio-Suisse Edelweiss: organically cultivated at high altitude in the Swiss Alps, in vitro and in vivo supports skin’s protective barrier, enhancing its resistance to external stress factors and providing antioxidant activity twice as high as vitamin C

Luzern products can be a little more expensive than other skincare products. But frankly, no company compares to it when it comes to ingredients. So if you’re a purist who wants to know every ingredient is clean and well-sourced, Luzern is well worth it.









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