Know the secrets to longer hair


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There is nothing more vivacious and youthful, in a woman, than a long and radiant head of hair. It’s an attribute that denotes interest in appearance and happiness in the wearer.

If you’re lucky, your hair will grow naturally and with a healthy scalp. If not, it may require an extra hand to enhance its volume. But, in either case, you’ll need products that will ensure your hair looks and feels glamorous, most of the day.

Make no mistake, having a full head of hair, like Rapunzel’s locks, is not impossible. But believing you can get it without help is a fairy tale.

In this article we’ll finally unveil the mysterious secrets that guarantee longer, healthier hair.

secrets that guarantee longer

1. Long hair does not grow overnight.

No matter how much you want it to, your locks don’t grow quickly. On average, only half an inch to a maximum per month. And that’s only when it’s super healthy and has no bobby pins. You have to be patient.

2. Use conditioner after every wash.

Use conditioner after every wash.

Basically, when your hair is wet you need to take care of it with conditioner. When using, for example, a flat iron, blow dryer and coloring your hair, your hair will become thinner at the bottom.

Conditioner helps to replenish the lipids and proteins in the hair shaft and also protects and strengthens the horny layer. This will damage your hair less quickly and you will get longer hair faster.

3. Don’t shampoo your hair every time you take a shower

Shampoo is meant to remove dirt and residue from hair products, but using it too often can strip your hair of its natural oils. And these oils need it badly to look soft and healthy.

When shampooing is really necessary, it’s best to lather only the scalp with shampoo and leave the rest of the hair alone.

4. Get your cotton pillowcase out the door.

A sateen pillowcase is much better for your tresses because it has a softer surface.

This creates less friction and the chance of your hair breaking during friction is less. It also ensures that you wake up with less tangles in your hair. So, a satin pillowcase equals long hair.

5. Ironically, scissors are your friend

Ironically, scissors are your friend

Unfortunately, trimming split ends doesn’t speed up the growth process. What it does do is prevent split ends from splitting further upwards and you’d have to cut even more hair.

It’s better to have a little less than half an inch on the ends every 10 to 12 weeks. This keeps your hair beautiful and healthy and grows longer.

6. Consider using supplements for hair growth

Your body needs enough nutrients like protein and minerals to produce new hair. Watch what you eat, you may not get all the nutrients you need for beautiful hair.

Then you can benefit greatly from taking additional growth-promoting supplements. The extra vitamins and minerals you get from this will keep your hair healthy and give it a chance to grow stronger.

7. Brush your hair like treasure

Brush your hair like treasure

Frequent brushing can cause damage, especially when your hair is wet.

Always start brushing from the bottom with wet hair as well. This ensures less tangles, so less hair is lost. It is also good to brush with a boar bristle, i.e. a boar bristle brush.

These hairs are a bit more flexible than nylon hair and therefore gentler on your hair. You can also use this brush to distribute the natural oils from the scalp over the rest of the hair.

8. Apply an oil or mask weekly

Your shoulder-length hair is already several years old and therefore needs a little more precise and loving care than just a conditioner. What it really needs are masks and moisturizing oils.

Because an oil always leaves a layer, it’s best to apply it before you wash your hair, so you can wash the oily layer away with shampoo.

You will get the best results if you apply the oil to towel-dried hair and leave it on for ten minutes. The oil fills your hair with fatty acids and the shampoo ensures that these are locked into the hair.

9. Never tie a large bath towel around your wet hair again

What could be wrong with wrapping your hair in a towel? More than you might think. Your hair gets stuck in the fibers and that causes it to break.

Also, many women wrap the towel too tightly around their head, which causes the little hairs, which are just starting to grow, to break off. It’s better to use a soft, ultra-fine microfiber towel, which treats your hair more gently.

10. Make a ponytail in a different place

A super simple tip, and that many girls do not know. You should try, at all costs, not to always put the tail in the same place. This will help prevent wear and tear at that point of the hair.

11. Always rinse your hair with cold water

Cold water closes the cuticles of your hair, traps moisture and reduces heat damage. If your hair is fine, the effect of cold water is different, but fortunately you only need to rinse for a few seconds to have beautiful, shiny, healthy hair.

Congratulations! Now you know the secrets that guarantee longer, healthier hair. Putting these tips into practice is up to you, but bringing the most outstanding product line on the market to your fingertips is up to us. Visit us!

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