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There are many types of hair styling products on the market. They are among the most commonly used products in salons, but not so much at home: Many people see them as typical items for professional use only.

But, actually, they are very easy to use and are available to everyone. Of course, not all of these products give us the results we expect. It is often difficult to understand which one is right for us.

If you don’t use hairsprays often, or if you do, but are thinking of switching to another hair product, today is your lucky day!

In this article you’ll find everything you need to know about choosing hairsprays.

how to choose hairspray

Hair styling products: gel

Nowadays men use beauty products, just as women also use gels. The old stereotypes are now a thing of the past.

Men have the opportunity to experiment with different styles and hairstyles using hair gel.

Generally, hair does not stick together due to its conformation. To style a hairstyle, the hair does not have enough texture and it is necessary to use some additional product.

Deauville Shop brings us Rock Hard Gel & Power Gel

Whether you have colored hair, treated hair or natural hair, Oribe Rock Hard Gel & Power Gel will be the ideal solution for styling and UV protection of your hair.

Their apt names come from their ability to deliver a firm, shiny finish that will be perfect for that professional look you crave, Mad Men style.

For slightly shorter hair Deauville Shop offers Nioxina Thickening Gel.

Your hair deserves to look its best. Unlike your average gel, this one is designed for short to moderate length hair.

It will offer a firm hold that will be impressively residue-free and without that crisp, stiff look you can expect from other products.

This is also useful when you want a thicker look to give you the most texture possible from a simple to work with styling product.

Hair fixatives: Spray

Hair fixatives: Spray

As a product used to fix hairstyles and give volume to the hair, to choose the best hairspray, it is necessary to take into account the quality of the hair and the type of effect you want to achieve.

There are light and medium hold sprays, designed to hold hair in a hairstyle in a natural way without weighing it down, keeping it soft and with fluid movement.

Then there are strong hold sprays for those who have hair that is particularly sensitive to humidity and frizz easily.

Only strong hold sprays guarantee a hold that lasts all day, and withstands the most adverse weather conditions.

Finally, there are the extra strong hold sprays for those who want to create a particular loose or up-do hairstyle and show off on special occasions.

For each case Deauville Shop brings us:

Oribe Super Fine Hair Spray

Oribe Super Fine Hair Spray

This light hold hairspray provides a flexible feel, but without affecting your hair’s natural style.

It will give you an impressively smooth finish, offering just enough hold to keep your style looking intentional, but not so much that it’s obvious you’re wearing it.

Oribe Dry Conditioner Spray

Oribe Dry Conditioner Spray

This medium hold spray is ideal for curly or wavy hair. This will give you shiny, silky, smooth hair that won’t weigh down or lose its natural wave. It will be the same detangled, healthy, hydrated hair you know and love to wear.

Oribe Superfine Spray for Strong Hair

Oribe Superfine Spray for Strong Hair

We guarantee you’ve never seen a hair spray like this one. This product is made with natural ingredients that will give you strong hold all day long.

It also does double duty by restoring and repairing your hair even as it holds it in place. You’ll have better shine, a soft and light scent, and hair that feels better and more natural.

Davines, an extra-strong hair spray

Davines, an extra-strong hair spray

Creates long-lasting hold to lead the way. This extra-strong hair spray is perfect for keeping that carefully styled updo or other styles in place.

When you compare, over time, movement and humidity, you’ll notice its effectiveness. A hairspray that will protect your style against all odds, all day long, there’s no better choice than this one right here.

Hair sprays are an excellent choice for styling hair, no matter how long it is. It is one of the best products for updos, such as high buns, for women and also, for customizing the style in men’s hair.

Now that you know how to choose hair styling products, visit us to find the products you need. Subscribe to your perfect look.

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