Advantages and uses of a Beauty Blender in your makeup routine


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Beauty blenders are the main tools for professional makeup artists and ambitious personalities looking for a stunning, fierce and unique look.

Creativity is a fundamental piece for anyone who practices makeup artistry, as they must implement unique designs and styles in order to stand out above the rest, and prove to be a face that no one will ever forget.

Now, if you are a person who likes makeup every day for work or just for personal reasons, this message is for you: be free to create the designs you like the most every day! We will show you the advantages and uses of a beauty blender in your makeup routine.

What is a Beauty Blender and how to use it?


What is a Beauty Blender and how to use it?

If you’re brand new into the world of makeup, you should know that beauty blenders are an elliptical-shaped cosmetic product that allows the correct application of foundation on the body, especially on the face, and it also provides a more professional look.

Originally, the Beauty Blender brand was the forerunner and creator of makeup sponges back in 2003, and since then, they have propelled the makeup revolution, and their use became a trend in just a matter of years, uplifting social barriers that had never been relevant before.

The main rules to use makeup sponges are:

Rule #1: wet the sponge before applying makeup

A beauty blender is a light, soft and particularly dry foaming material. Wet the sponge with water, squeeze it out until it is not dripping, and then, you’ll be ready to apply the foundation.

Rule #2: Makeup application

Makeup application

Now that the sponge is moistened with water, proceed to pour a little of the foundation on the inside area of your forearm, wet the sponge with a little foundation, and by applying delicate strokes, you will begin to make up the area you want. Be sure to apply gently strokes, and add slight pressure to each stroke.

The round part of the sponge works perfectly well for wider areas, and use the pointed end to apply foundation on less accessible and small areas.

Rule #3: Seal your foundation with translucent powder

Once you’ve applied your foundation, it’s time to dry it out. What do we do to make it stay dry for longer? You’ll need to apply a translucent powder foundation. You can use another makeup sponge to apply the powder.

In this case, the translucent powder will dry, seal and preserve the foundation, giving you a professional finish.

Types of Beauty Blender

It wasn’t long ago when a variety of sponge types were launched into the market after a smashing sales -hit that beauty blenders created, therefore a range of alternative designs were created to meet  makeup artists’ urgent creativity needs, and deep craving for originality.

Silicone sponge

Silicone sponge

Silicone sponge first appeared in 2017, and it suddenly became a success in no time. This type of sponge is one of the most widely used, as it absorbs absolutely no makeup, and prevents it from being wasted. It is non-porous; it has a waterproof coating, and is really easy to use.

Velvet Sponge

Velvet Sponge

Velvet sponges are made of microfiber, giving it that velvety feel and texture. It can be used to apply foundation or other types of creams such as bronzers, or powders such as blushes and highlighters.

It blends precisely, and allows makeup to blend flawlessly on the skin.

Egg-shaped sponge


Egg-shaped sponge

The egg shape is the original design of the Beauty Blender, whose attributes are distributed into two ways: the round end can be used to apply makeup on easily accessible areas such as the cheeks, forehead and neck, and the pointed end can be used to apply makeup on less accessible areas such as the eyelids and the tear-trough area of the eye.

Its design was totally innovative, and the use of porous fiber ensures the coveted “airbrush” vibe that all makeup artists aspire to achieve.

Ergonomic sponge

Ergonomic sponge

Ergonomic sponges resemble the egg-shaped sponge’s attributes, however, ergonomic sponges have an indentation to place your fingers, and maneuver the sponge more effectively.

It gathers the same amount of characteristics from the original Beauty Blender shape, and the only difference is that the indentation provides greater comfort when using.

Beveled Sponge

Beveled Sponge

Its beveled top allows the sponge to better spread the makeup, and grant precious final looks. The beveled sponge prevents stains, makeup lines, it does not absorb much makeup, and its versatility allows you to apply various types of makeup: liquid foundation, cream foundation, or even compact powder.

Advantages of makeup sponges

Traditional makeup sponges are history. It’s now your turn to learn about their advantages and benefits since Beauty Blenders came to stay.


Today’s makeup sponges conceal a great tone of practicality, especially in the application of foundations and makeup creams. The shape of the design allows amazing results, and easy applications.

Professional look

If you are not an experienced makeup artist, and you only apply simple every-day-makeup to go to work, Beauty Blender sponges will give you a professional look without the need to hire a makeup artist.

Easy cleaning process

Unlike makeup brushes, sponges are really easy to wash. Once you’ve already used the sponge, soak it in water and apply a makeup sponge cleaner, or any cosmetic cleaner. Now, just rub it gently with your fingers until the makeup residue is removed, and finally, squeeze it out and let it air-dry.

Saves your makeup

The sponges are both exquisite for their easy application with splendid results, and also for their special makeup-saving feature. Their structure and material allows the sponge to absorb smaller amounts of makeup.

Don’t have your Beauty Blender sponge yet? Visit our product catalog, and discover the different types of makeup sponges for your tastes and needs.


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