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Hair loss up to a certain percentage is natural because the scalp is constantly being renewed.

On average it is considered normal to lose about 100 hairs a day, but this becomes a problem when more hair falls out than is born.

Hair loss can have several causes. Factors such as heredity, the passage of time, hormones, diet, aggressive environment, all stimulate it.

As hair falls out and is not renewed quickly, whites appear.

Ideally, a dermatologist should attend to the situation; in the meantime, it is possible to resort to these measures that help to stabilize and prevent the situation.

Find all the products in Deauville Shop and start taking care of your hair as it deserves.

Hair Loss Shampoo

Hair Loss ShampooCleaning with the right shampoo is important to prevent hair loss.

For your cleaning routine we recommend Bain Prévention shampoo from Kérastase. Its formulation helps to prevent hair loss as well as treat fine hair.

The Système Pro-Actif technology of this shampoo stimulates microcirculation in the scalp and gives texture to the strand to generate volume.

Bain Prévention also encourages the production of more hair and thicker fiber than already exists because of its formulation.

This shampoo also integrates an antibacterial agent that prevents inflammation, or calms the scalp, affected by itching problems.

For a complete treatment there is the Specifique Thinning Hair Set that includes this shampoo, a hair mask and a treatment to stimulate the scalp.

The set is focused on providing comprehensive care, promoting hair restructuring to reduce hair loss.

Treatment to stimulate hair growth

Treatment to stimulate hair growthNioxin Scalp Treatment is designed to stimulate the scalp in particular.

This treatment has an advanced approach to comprehensive hair care. Its formula is designed to strengthen, nourish and repair hair from the root.

The Scalp Treatment is massaged directly into the scalp to eliminate impurities from deep within and reduce hair loss.

As it leaves the follicles clean and nourished it stimulates the growth of new strands, giving way to strong and healthy hair.

The treatment is designed to counteract and prevent hair loss. For best results it is applied to the scalp and not rinsed.

It is also available in a package. The Nioxin Kit System 1 includes this treatment, plus the shampoo and conditioner, for complete care.

Vials to prevent hair loss

Vials to prevent hair loss External aggressions such as pollution and the use of chemicals accelerate hair loss. Kérastase Anti-Breakage Frotifying vials are designed to prevent hair loss.

It is also an effective treatment for weakened hair, which is prone to fall. Its mix of ingredients acts efficiently on the peaks of intense hair loss.

Its formula stimulates the hair follicle, which is where each strand is born, stimulating its resistance and preventing hair loss.

It also contributes to the growth of more hair and takes care of the natural protective barrier of the scalp.

The vial is used on dry hair, and is applied from root to tip, in sections. It is left on, without rinsing.

Drops to protect hair from premature loss

Drops to protect hair from premature loss From Oribe, we recommend the Power Drops Hydration & Anti-Pollution Booster.

These drops moisturize and restore hair, and are applied to wet hair, alone or mixed with other products.

They are protective against premature hair loss because they create a shield against pollution and free radicals that affect the hair.

By isolating the hair from external aggressions, the natural nutrients are concentrated in strengthening the strand from the root and consequently reducing hair loss.

Regardless of your hair type, the droplets enhance hydration and are the reliable support to keep your hair protected and strong.

Serum to stimulate hair strengthening

Serum to stimulate hair strengtheningIn the world of cosmetics, the serums are very valuable because of their high concentration of nutrients.

Davines’ Naturaltech Eneergizing Gel serum, besides being exquisite in aroma and texture, is effective in treating hair loss.

It also helps restore brittle strands. This thick energizing gel is applied to the scalp with a gentle massage.

Due to its composition, it reduces hair thinning and weakening. It is easy to apply and provides excellent coverage.

From the first application you will notice the results: soft and manageable hair that will get stronger as you use it.

It is used after shampooing, massaging the scalp, to prevent or correct problems of thinning hair and brittle strands. No rinsing.

As it stays on the scalp its formulation stimulates the hair follicles, which allow the growth of strong and resistant hair, from the root to the tip.

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